General Services And Hiring

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General Services

Our general services Extends:

  • Oil & Gas.
  • Diesel.
  • Hiring of Equipment (e,g Tractors, Caterpillars,Dozers etc.

Our generators are known for their safety and reliability. We have temporary power generator rental solutions ranging from a simple power set to multi-megawatt installations. Our fuel-efficient diesel generators can be used on a stand alone basis or form modular systems from 100 to 2000 kVA and above. It is heavy-duty equipment with low noise that comes with a standard fully bunded, environmentally safe double-walled internal diesel tank. The generator control system offers 24/7 monitoring. Our highly efficient and ultra-low emissions gas-powered generators can take advantage of low- cost natural gas supplied by pipelines and Liquid Natural Gas terminals. Our systems can also provide free hot water for customers’ Combined Heat and Power systems.